A small 4" (10cm) naked cake, weighing approx. 550gm

Silent Night (Small) 4" (10cm)

  • A small 4" (10cm), 2.5" (6.5cm) tall, naked cake, weighing approx. 600gm.  Perfect as a small gift for teachers or neighbours and resplendent with ribbons and stars.  Remember you can personalise your stars to make a delightful gift. 

    All ingredients are organic/biodynamic and as locally sourced as possible. Organic dried fruits are also sulphur-free.

     Organic, biodynamic, unrefined, unbleached flour from SE Qld.

    Organic butter and organic rapadura sugar. Biodynamic, organic, free range duck eggs from Redlands Shire. Organic hazelnuts and macadamias, local organic oranges and lemons.

  • Ideally, cut your cake with a sharp bread knife so the nuts don't "drag" through the cake. Christmas cakes are best cut into slices, much like a loaf of bread and then into smaller slices from there. 

     Please do not keep in the fridge, wrapped up in the pantry or cool, dark place is best. If it does last longer than New Years Eve, you can refrigerate it if you like, but really an airtight container in the pantry will do perfectly.