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Naked Cakes

Boca dot Cakes

Whilst Christmas cakes look so pretty all dolled up in their beautiful smooth white ball gowns, some of you appreciate the more rustic beauty of a naked, or un-iced cake.  The naked cakes are simply decorated with Australian certified organic almonds and twine.  There's a contact form at the bottom of this page if you wish to order/enquire. 


In the UK it is wildly popular and somewhat traditional to serve your Christmas cake with the cheese course after supper, and before you think, "whaaat??", I'll remind you of the quince paste you serve with your favourite vintage cheddar - 'tis the same thing.  


A gloriously rich fruit cake with a strong Shropshire Blue,  for example, is possibly the perfect ending to a Christmas meal... the whisky-soaked fruit and the spices with the cheese and a dram... oh my, need I go on??

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