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Iced Cakes

So, fondant... unsure?  Let me guess, your only memories of fondant are some thick, icky stuff at your oldest cousin's wedding way back in the day and you've never felt so sick in your life... well, I'm here to tell you, don't worry!  


My fondant is made locally in Brisbane and, yes, it is sugar, but it contains none of the nasty chemicals that some fondants can be rife with.  I also use a marzipan layer and before you puke again, don't worry... I use real marzipan (almonds and sugar), not the almond-flavoured stuff, and it is a paper thin layer, think petticoat under the ballgown.


The fondant is as thin as I can roll it, so only about half a centimetre thick, which beats the 2 inches you've got in your memory, right?  It really is delicious and pairs perfectly with the rich, deep, dark, and brooding fruit cake below... 


There's a contact form at the bottom if you need to shoot me an enquiry/order... and there are more details on the FIND US page... The Christmas cake page gives you an intricate idea of the luscious organic fruits which pile into these vintage cakes. 


** Stars are examples only, sizes and amounts vary from cake to cake. 


Bingo! Message received.

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