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Boca dot Cakes

Traditional Wedding & Christening Cakes

Upholding Tradition
Remember those gigantic tiered white wedding cakes?  You know, the ones with fondant about an inch thick that required a bottle of sherry to get a slice down rather than a glass, but Nana seemed to always want another slice.
Well, my cakes aren't such a Gobi as the old days and I work my fondant as thin as possible, so you have the elegant finish without the marathon of sugar.  
Traditionally those old wedding cakes were made into such a tower because the top tiers were kept by the bride and groom to be served at the christening of their children.  Much the way The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have done for George and Charlotte.    
My christening cakes are made the same way as my Christmas cakes, with all the same organic ingredients and equally as much love.  I change the spices up a bit so they give you that wonderful fruit cake feeling without the bouquet that is, particularly, Christmas.  
Your cake can be elegantly finished with a delicate, hand-dyed silk ribbon, that will become a treasured keepsake. 
These cakes keep extremely well, you can add one to your Wedding Cake table, or just have it on show during the wedding to keep for the christening, or you can also just have one made for your child's christening.  
Please order as far in advance as possible as the fruit all needs plenty of time to be drenched in Whisky and for all the flavours to fully mature and develop.  
Call or message me to discuss your requirements.  

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