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Small Iced Christmas cake, perfect for 2, approximately 5" (13cm), and weighing around 1kg

The Holly and the Ivy (Small) 5" (13cm)

These cakes are made to order, please reach out for info.
  • Small Iced Christmas cake, perfect for 2, approximately 5" (13cm), 3" (8cm) tall, and weighing around 1kg. 

     This is a lovely cake to give as a gift to a couple or someone like a teacher, work colleague, or neighbour - a sweet and thoughtful touch with the personalised stars as well.

    All ingredients are organic/biodynamic and as locally sourced as possible. Organic dried fruits are also sulphur-free. 

     Organic, biodynamic, unrefined, unbleached flour from SE Qld.

    Organic butter and organic rapadura sugar. Biodynamic, organic, free range eggs from SE Qld. Organic nuts, oranges and lemons.

  • Iced cakes do not need to be kept in the fridge. Simply keep them on a cake stand with a glass lid, or in the box they arrive in is perfect. Kept in the cool pantry until serving time is even better. If you are in Qld and it is a particularly humid day, a little breeze (or fan) will keep the icing from sweating, but really a cool, dark place will be fine. 

     You will find it easier to slice cakes with a sharp bread knife, or other really sharp knife, just be aware that all the nuts can drag if not cut and the cake will appear to crumble, instead of slice. Traditionally, Christmas cakes are cut in slices across the whole cake, much like a loaf of bread, as opposed to wedges. You can then divide each slice into smaller portions if desired. :)

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